A progressive, school-coordinated experience that places students in real workplace environments so that they develop and practice career-related knowledge and skills needed for a specific job. An internship provides hands-on experience in a particular industry or occupation related to a student’s career interests, abilities, and goals. The high school intern works regularly in exchange for the worksite mentor’s time in teaching and demonstrating. Prior to an internship, the student receives the established criteria and guidelines from the workplace supervisor.


Current Opening(s):

 Past Internship Partnerships:

  • Aiken Chamber
  • Aiken County Public Schools-Communications, Technology, Printing, Maintenance Departments
  • Aiken Electric Cooperative
  • Aiken Regional Medical Center
  • Alison South Marketing Group
  • City of Aiken
  • E2 Promise (United Way)
  • Peach State Federal Credit Union
  • Sports Medicine at Silver Bluff, Midland Valley and North Augusta High Schools
  • Security Federal
  • SRNS
  • SRR

If you are interested in an apprenticeship, please see your school counselor for details on how to apply.

Opportunities for internships vary. Some businesses choose to financially compensate students for their work, and others compensate with the learning experience alone.

Internships may last nine weeks, a whole semester, or over summer break.

It depends. A student who has met his/her core requirements, may be approved to leave school early for an internship. Weekends and non-school hours are ideal for gaining internship experience.

Students who have a C- average or better in all courses and have good attendance and discipline records are eligible.