HELP WANTED! Let’s Get To Work Aiken!


From the Aiken Chamber of Commerce:

We have all heard that there are thousands of job vacancies expected in the next several years in our community, well-paying, high-tech careers in critical areas such as health care, cyber technology, manufacturing and energy. While some of these future jobs will certainly require advanced degrees, others will require a high school diploma, or a two- or four-year degree and a desire to learn and grow.

These future workers may be your own children, friend’s or co-worker’s children or your baby sitter. As you encounter these future workers in your everyday life, have you ever wondered if they are actually ready to work when they graduate high school? Are they ready for the demands of your business, ready to make a professional phone call, ready to utilize social media to advance your company’s mission and not just their own mission? Are they ready to show up on time and give their all until the job is done? Are they ready to look your customers in the eyes, give a firm handshake and be responsive and service driven? Are they ready to write on your letterhead, or better yet, know when a hand-written letter is absolutely worth the extra effort?

The good news is that work is underway to bring our community together in a collaborative effort to streamline communications, programs and opportunities to engage future workers and prepare them for the workforce demands in our community.

AIKEN WORKS will strive to shift the mindset that the only pathway for young people’s success is a straight one from high school to college. AIKEN WORKS will partner with business and industry to create opportunities for students to learn soft skills through authentic experiences like apprenticeships, internships and job shadowing days. AIKEN WORKS will connect students with hands-on experiences to help them navigate their own path to self-sustaining careers well suited to their individual interests and talents.

AIKEN WORKS will prepare our community’s future employees for the demands of our community’s future.

AIKEN WORKS when AECOM and Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) invest in Aiken County’s students with both their financial and human resources. AIKEN WORKS when energy partners invest in building the STEM workforce pipeline by funding an advanced coursework initiative and extending that investment through their donations of time in support of STEM Mentoring Exchanges, pairing advanced placement students with scientists and engineers.

AIKEN WORKS when students at Aiken High School scout future careers at Aiken Regional and students at Midland Valley tour Bridgestone. AIKEN WORKS when Gregory Electric, ASCO and MTU teach students the tools of their trade through apprenticeships.

AIKEN WORKS when organizations like the Aiken Chamber of Commerce agree to have a student from South Aiken High School’s DECA program placed in their organization to spend time learning about marketing, branding and event management.

Aiken County Public Schools and local marketing firm Alison South invite you to become a working partner in AIKEN WORKS, an Aiken County Community Workforce Collaborative. Visit  or call (803) 641-2428 and get geared up to enhance education and build our community’s future. The Aiken Chamber has joined the team, and we hope your business or organization will join us too.

Let’s Get To Work, Aiken County!